Statcast Metrics Context

A page that allows for yes/no outcome comparisons on the following metrics.
* Barrel – for a batted ball, the ideal combination of exit velocity & launch angle. Read more here.
* Blasts – a swing that is an ideal combination of squared-up and with strong bat speed. Read more here.
* Fast-swing – a swing that has 75 MPH or more of bat speed. Read more here.
* Hard-hit – a batted ball hit with 95 MPH exit velocity or more. Read more here.
* LA Sweet-Spot – a batted ball hit with launch angle between 8° and 32°. Read more here.
* Squared-up – a swing where at least 80% of the potential exit velocity (based on swing speed and pitch speed) is converted into actual exit velocity. Read more here.





Launch Angle Sweet-spot


Barrels, Hard-hit Rate, and LA Sweet Spot % have data starting from 2016
Blasts, Fast-swing Rate, and Squared-up Rate have data starting from 2024