Statcast bat tracking is available beginning with the 2024 season.

Since different parts of a bat can move at different speeds, an individual swing’s speed is measured at the point six inches from the head of the bat, what is popularly called “the sweet-spot.”

  • A player’s average bat speed is the average of his top 90% of swings. A “fast swing” is 75 MPH+. Learn more here.
  • A swing’s squared-up rate compares how much exit velocity was attained to how much potential exit velocity was possible based on bat speed and pitch speed. Learn more here.
  • A “blast” is a swing that squares up the ball and does so with a fast swing. Learn more here.
  • Swing length tracks the sum distance traveled by the head of the bat in XYZ space from the start of data until contact point. Learn more here.
  • A “sword,” popularized by Pitching Ninja, is an expression of the art of forcing a batter to take an uncomfortable, awkward swing. Learn more here.

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