What is this? A Statcast metric designed to express the skill of catchers at throwing out runners on steal attempts, given the specifics of the opportunities they are presented with.

How this works: Each steal attempt (currently at 2B only) is assigned a probability of being successful or not based on several inputs at the time the pitch crosses the plate, most notably: runner distance from second, runner speed, pitch location, pitcher/batter handedness, and awareness of pitchouts or delayed steals. It’s the Statcast translation of the long-time saying “you steal off the pitcher, not the catcher.”

How to read it: Caught Stealing Above Average is the difference between actual caught stealing and estimate caught stealing based on the attempts seen. Catcher Stealing Runs is a translation of Caught Stealing Above Average to a run value on a .65 runs/CS basis, the difference between a SB (+.2 runs) and a CS (-.45 runs).

Caught Stealing Rates ?

Caught Stealing %
Avg. Pop Time
Avg. Distance from 2nd
Stolen Base Attempts
Data from 2016-Present