Statcast position player arm strength metrics are available beginning with the 2020 season. Given that there is no rulebook definition of "a throw where the player is trying hard," and many non-competitive lobs are captured, we have elected to take the average of the top portion of a player's throws. Since the demands of each position grouping are different, the averages and qualifiers are different as well.
  • 1B -- average of top 1% of throws -- minimum 100 throws to qualify
  • 2B/SS/3B -- average of top 5% of throws -- minimum 75 throws to qualify
  • OF -- average of top 10% of throws -- minimum 50 throws to qualify
For catcher throwing data, please view the Pop Time Leaderboard. Read more about how arm strength is calculated on Tom Tango's blog here.
Qualified Throw
Non Qualified Throw
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League Average - 2022 78.3 81.0 85.7 85.9 87.4 90.0 90.5