Statcast Search

An application that lets you search's Statcast database. It includes metrics such as Perceived Velocity (PV), Spin Rate (SR), Exit Velocity (EV), Hit Distance (DST), Launch Angle (LA), Batted Ball Direction (BBD), xBA, xSLG, xwOBA, and Quality of Contact.

* Some of these queries are very complicated and take time to run. If the page doesn't fully load, refresh the page and try again.
* Note: Pitch velocities from 2008-16 are via Pitch F/X. All velocities from 2017 and beyond are Statcast.
* Note: For the limited subset of batted balls not tracked directly, estimates are included based on the process described here.
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Search Results

Rk. Player Results Avg Launch Angle
1 Yonder Alonso 213 20.5 °
2 Taylor Motter 158 13.9 °
3 Ben Gamel 231 12.0 °
4 Ryan Zimmerman 268 8.9 °