Pitch tempo measures the median time between pitches (in other words pitch release to pitch release). Only pitches that follow a take (called strike or called ball) and are thrown to the same batter are considered for this metric. Note: This metric is updated weekly.

For added context we label any pitch thrown within 15 seconds to be "Fast" and any pitch thrown after longer than 30 seconds to be "Slow". To view a more detailed comparison of a player's tempo, click the "Compare" button at the end of each row. You can view up to four players at a time, and players will cycle through if you choose more than four.

Before you compare this metric to the newly approved 2023 pitch timer please note that this is not measuring the same timing as the MLB pitch timer.

  • The pitch timer starts when the pitcher receives the return throw from the catcher and ends once the pitcher starts his delivery.
  • Our pitch tempo metric measures the time between pitch releases: starting the clock as soon as the pitcher releases the previous pitch and ending when the pitcher releases the next pitch.
  • About six seconds elapses from "start of delivery" to "receiving return throw": 1.5 seconds to release the pitch, 0.5 seconds for pitcher-to-catcher, 4.0 seconds for catcher-back-to-pitcher

Detailed Comparison

Select up to four players in the table below to view a detailed comparison of their pitch tempo.

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